Fediverse Fans – Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how and why Fediverse Fans processes your information.

Information submitted by you

If you use the “add” or “edit” form to submit your information and you confirm your account ownership, Fediverse Fans will publicly show your information to website visitors. When that happens, a notification may also be sent to followers of the list's Mastodon bot account. These notifications are sent with the “Followers only” visibility setting and are not otherwise publicly visible.

You may revoke your permission and remove yourself from the list at any time using the same confirmation mechanism. The list maintainers reserve the option to unilaterally remove your entry at their discretion.

If you have lost access to your account or your account no longer exists, you can contact the Fediverse Fans maintainers to delete your list entry. You may be asked to verify your identity in another way to prevent issues with impersonation.

If you use the “Log in through your Mastodon server” confirmation method, this website will exchange data with your Mastodon server to confirm your account ownership and to receive your basic account information, including account ID and display name. This happens via the standardized OAuth authentication and data exchange functionality. Your Mastodon server will generally ask for your permission before transferring the data. This website does not gain access to your account password at any point during this process. If you are asked to enter your Mastodon password, please ensure that the domain in the URL bar of your browser matches your Mastodon server and that the connection is secure. This website does not gain permission to create Mastodon posts on your behalf or to access data outside of its narrowly specified scope. This data is only accessed once, immediately after your authorization. If you would like to update it later, you will need to re-authorize your account.

If you use the post-hoc confirmation method instead, your submitted information will first be stored without being publicly shown until you confirm your account ownership through a message to this list's Mastodon bot. Once you confirm your account ownership via this method, your entry will be moved to the public list. If you do not confirm your data submission within 24 hours, it will be deleted without further action. You may make a new submission at any time.

Fediverse Fans reserves the right to bar specific accounts or people from appearing on the list.

Information processed as part of the operation of the website

If you submit information to this website, it uses a session cookie to ensure you retain access to your position in the submission process as long as it is necessary. You may clear your session cookie for this website at any point you wish, regardless of whether you will continue to use the website.

When you visit this website or submit information, your IP address may be retained for a limited time as part of routine server access logging and attack mitigation. Your IP address is never shown publicly.

Hosting and data storage

This website and all its data are hosted on server infrastructure provided by DigitalOcean. Please keep in mind that other content providers including search engines and archival sites may access this website and retain cached copies.

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